About Vi


august 3, 2018

Hello Everyone! My name is Vi Thuy Dinh (pronounced as vee twee ding). I am fully Vietnamese, and I hail from a small town down in the Lone Star State, Port Arthur. I am currently a practicing Registered Nurse since 2012. As a nurse it is my duty to keep my patients in a stabilized physical state, to reassure the relatives to the patients, and a very vital task I try to uphold in my everyday life whether work related or not... is putting a smile on the face of anyone who crosses my path! My career is absolutely rewarding to me, but I realized I’ve always wanted more. Then it hit me all at once, what if I integrate my motive as a nurse with my incessant passion for fashion?!

As of this year, I turn 31 years young and they say, "your twenties are your selfish years but in your thirties life actually starts right?" I’ve set this year to finally fulfill and live out my ultimate source of happiness. It was never easy for me to start this blog, there would always be some form of hindrance whether it was family issues, financial instability, or even my own personal feelings. I was too afraid of failing, but here I am, ready to tackle this with all that I’ve got. I am excited to share my personal fashion, my own favorites and reviews on beauty products and clothing, and so much more! You won’t regret indulging yourself in my blog, and you never know… you might end up coming back simply by Serendipi-Vi.