Hello Beauties,

It’s been such a cloudy and rainy week here in SETX. It’s nice to see the sun finally shining today! I’m spending the day taking my dad to his doctor appointment, my most stubborn patient hands down.

Signature Piece

Happy Wednesday Lovebugs!


It’s obvious that I am a lover of a nice white button up. I wear it in every season, SERIOUSLY. The versatility and simplicity are characteristics that stands out alone.

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Heeeeey There Babes.

I’m back and like I promise I will be. I miss you guys! Not a day goes by that doesn’t cross my mind coming behind the screen of my laptop, and just spilling my thoughts out about all the pieces I’ve been so so excited about.


Hey there sunshines, fellas, and my lovely readers. First off, thanks for tuning in today! I know… I know… it’s been a few weeks since you guys seen me drop a post. Currently, I’ve reached a new high in my career and am focused at that standing point.

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Hello Sunshines, I’m glad you guys made it back today! I know I’ve been MIA on my blogging game lately. Truth be told, some days… some weeks, I like to do absolutely nothing on my free time. hehee Honesty is the best policy right?!!.


Do you guys ever question yourself.. what makes you feel most alive? What moves you? What simply lights the sparks in your eyes? After this past weekend, those sparks that lit up during fashion week truly moves me.

Pescatarian Lifestyle

Hello Everyone! I promised you guys an update a few weeks after and here it is! For all the ones that isn’t sure what I’m referring to, I became a pescatarian starting the beginning of December 2018.

Positivity Radiates..

It’s the beginning of February already, I can’t believe it! The new year pushes everyone to be the better YOU or at least that’s what most of us try to be. What motivates me? What keeps me with a positive mindset? MYSELF. My goals. My vibes. My support system.

I am sooo stoked for New York Fashion Week 2019! I attended my first fashion show last year. It was an experience I’d never forget. I didn’t think I would be returning this year but I AM! Let’s talk what to wear?!!

The city that has me falling harder than ever. London is a place now I dream of living. It was my first time visiting and I was the happiest girl the entire three days! The people were so polite and their accents were like music to my ears.

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland filled with hundreds of years of history and culture. Its character is an abundance of museums, shops, pubs, sights, and so many restaurants! It doesn’t matter if I’m in the U.S. or Europe, every new destination interest me and amazes me in different ways.

Hello Friends! Today I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland and London, England for a 6 days adventure with my girlfriends. It’s my first international trip and sooooo excited to have my first landmark in Europe. I put together the top items to pack for traveling internationally.