Do's and Don'ts: Leggings


Leggings are one of the hottest trends this season. This pair of bottoms are easily worn, affordable, and looks soooooo hot. I love wearing it OVER and OVER and having no guilts about it: #1 looks like nice skinny pants, #2 lightweight, #3 it’s my favorite color: black. This item can be worn so many different ways. It shares a classy appeal. And my friends, classy will never run out of style. As of recently, the weather has brought us cold fronts and we are officially in sweater mode. This weather = LEGGINGS + SWEATER = easiest outfit of your life. In addition, the Leggings options in 2018 have upgraded so so so much. I remember when I used to wear those cotton leggings and after just one wash, the leggings would appear worn down and the white pilings at and all around the booty area. NOT CUTE. So glad that leggings have made a turn for the better, giving us the options of (my personal favorite) Wax, Faux Leather, Suede, and Velvet leggings.

Wax leggings? You may wonder what that is… Wax leggings appears like faux leather leggings but it’s not! It gives you the leather appearance, dim black leather look. It’s actually lightweight, not as thick as leather. Faux Leather leggings have a heavier fabric and gives a more edgy, biker look.  Suede leggings has an off color look, yet super soft and light weight. Velvet leggings are pitch black and has the oh so soft feels. The appearance of these carries a heavier glossy black. The different type of leggings all has its own characteristic. All in all, they’re all HOTTTT.

ALL ARE MY PERSONAL FAVORITES. But only if you pair them correctly!! Here are my tips and tricks!!

DON’TS: #1 Please don’t allow your bottom to be transparent #2 Too loose, falling off, please no. #3 Don’t throw on a belt mid way around your shirt #4 Paring it with bright, neon colors, NO NO. #5 Too thick or thong underwears. 

DO’s: #1 Loose oversize sweater, yes. #2 Blazer, yes yes! #3 That classy one strap pair of heels, major yes! #4 Leopard print, for sure yes! #5 Booties + Thigh High Boots, major yes.

With these tips, you can’t go wrong. And if any hesitation of any outfit, don’t be shy to give me a holler. I love giving fashion advice! It is literally my calling! Hehe.


Outfit Details: Isn’t the black and light pink plaid sweater super adorable? I love it so much! I threw on some suede leggings I’ve discussed in “Bow & Mules” and over the knee boots and DONE. Top it off with my beret and its an instant COZY + WARM. The sweater was kinda loose around the bottom so I tuck it in to display a cordial look with the leggings. Angles matter, let me tell you.

The second outfit: I am wearing the wax leggings I’ve worn multiple times. I’m telling you guys it’s super easy to coordinate outfits with these bottoms. I’ve purchase a new one at Zara recently and it’s under $40 dollars! Not shabby at all. Stay tuned for how I wear velvet leggings, which will be Thanksgiving Dinner with my family this year. Lol. You know you gotta have the right outfit for every occasion. Who’s ready? Because I am. With my outfits of course. And possible a little fashionably late. Lol. Ok ok, back to outfits deets. The favorite thing about this second outfit is the oversized leopard cardigan. I purchase this beauty from Salon Mecca here locally, but I found a similar one for you guys online. It’s so comfy and need I to mention CUTEEEE. The color contrast with leopard + sleek leather or wax leggings goes so well; it’s like a masterpiece this season. It allowed me to wear a basic v-neck tee tucked in loosely. Then slip on my some booties, COMPLETE BRUNCH OUTFIT. Mimosa, please.

There you guys have it. My vent over Do’s and Don’ts with leggings. You guys will be all set to loooook fine and classy with one, two, or even all of these leggings. THEY WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post I was so excited to discuss! Until next time, love bugs!


Pinky's Up