Just another day living in good ole’ Southeast Texas. Today I am running errands, enjoying my off days, and most importantly getting my lashes done. lol I have to admit dressing in my lululemons and any random workout shirt in my closet is usually my go-to. I thought today I’ll show you guys a cutesy, cozy outfit. The outfit you can run around in if you have to, look cute in if you want to, and the outfit you can probably dress up right in your closet. Most people may wonder, “Do I just shop all day?” The answer is, “no not entirely.” Let’s say I shop when I need to and quarterly, hehe. There are some things in your closet that you can wear every single year, with a new pair of shoes, or new pair of jeans. The entire wardrobe can be just as perfect and it doesn’t always have to be new from head to toe! Styles doesn’t have to be hard, stick with the basic, and you will look amazing effortlessly!


Outfit Details: I am wearing a white faux fur sweater, I remember purchasing an X-large in this because I wanted to wear it the loosely off the shoulder way. From my previous blogs, I discussed a lot about buying bigger sizes. I still do on occasion, depending how small or big it runs. My recent haul from F21 I purchased all smalls, it was pretty baggy, and loose just like how I prefer. Brands and quality of fabric varies so you just have to see and envision how and what you want to wear it with. I added many options for you guys down below to achieve this look! My sweater is a favorite oldie of mines. SORRY* I tried to find it but no longer existence. The selections I chosen for you guys are just as good I promise. My recent snag I am wearing are by Levi’s called wedgie skinnies. It basically hug your thighs and your bottom in a way it’s comfy and not too unbearable. We all know jeans run differently, some compliment us, and some sure does not at all. I have been blessed with #THIGHS and I learned to just embrace it! And trust me not all jeans compliment me and these fits right on point. I chose to wear my casual tennis shoe because the pants are very simple and plain jane. It looked great with my Gucci Ace and this pair of shoes resemble the Adidas Superstars a lot! I selected a few dupes for you guys as well to achieve the same look. The last and final item, slip that white beanie with the cutesy furry ball and you’re ALLLLLLL COZY for the day!

Stay warm sunshines! And if I haven’t said it yet, I am so THANKFUL you guys decided to stop by today and any other days. It truly puts a smile on my face and as always see you guys next time!

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