#weddingszn WHAT TO WEAR?


I’ve always believed love is a beautiful thing, when it’s real. There is nothing I love love love to do more than to see two people celebrate their love. Wedding season is approaching and so as Winter. I’m not sure about most girls, but I know I love going to weddings. The search for dresses, getting super dolled up, and of course having a grand time reuniting with all your friends and families! All in all, it’s a wonderful time.

We will be saying our goodbyes to November soon, and Winter is traveling in. The season plays a role when picking a dress. Winter season for weddings, my instant thoughts are long and formal. I’m not saying to come as Princess Meghan and wear a ball gown, but what I am saying is look prim and proper. The factors that I look for in a dress are: elegancy, sophistication, and upscale appearance. CYBER MONDAY is tomorrow and it’s Black Friday weekend, deals after deals you guys! I believe in dressing your best, and I also believe you don’t have to break the bank for it either, it’s affordable, and every girl deserves some glam in her life! The make-up, nails, dress, hair, and sometimes even tan all have to be fleeky. (Mama raised me well right, LOL.) Now back to serious talk, my favorites details to consider in a dress are: fabric needs to be fab (velvet are super hotttt right now), dark color tones (emerald/forest green, black, and maroon are my absolute favorites rn), a hint of sheer designs, the slit is everything, and details that makes the dress simply glow from the rest. Sometimes showing less is more, simplicity speaks volume.

I've personally chosen a few of my favorites this season and it’s all under $100. ASOS: 25% off CODE: EPIC25 LULUS: EXTRA 40% off sales CODE: CM40 POPPYAPPAREL: 10% off CODE: SERENDIPIVI10


Now let’s be ALL GLAM together for wedding season gals.
See you dolls again soon, Toodles!

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