Wool Coats


And just like that, it’s December! Such a gorgeous day here today in Southeast Texas. We are  currently in the mid 50’s and the sun is shining so bright. I just can’t help but to smile at it. #SUNSHINES I am preparing for my first international trip in a few weeks and wool coats have been on the top of my packing list. I picture myself wearing skinny jeans, baggy top or maybe even a hoodie, beanie for sure, a camel wool coat, and my white yeeeeezy strolling through the airport security. I love dressing like this when I’m all packed up ready to travel and see the world ahead of me. If you guys don’t remember, it’s my Bad Girl Riri side. LOL #SWAG 

The material of this coat is heavy and stiff, but it is made to battle the low temperatures. The thoughts of being warm and comfy are our main concerns right?!! There are so so many different wool coats out right now. I’ve selected a few of my favorites and you guys can see that this coat may go with the dressy, business, or even a sporty appearance. The coat that can do it all. I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. I swirl around in 3 different wool coats at the store before I decided this is “the one.” I knew I wanted one that wasn’t too masculine but as well as not too fitted. The idea behind that was for the layering purposes. It’s my personal preference to not let myself disappear in one but still able to wear it semi-fitted. I’ve also dressed this coat in a dressy appearance for you guys to see the versatile of the two looks. It’s great. It’s so classy. It’s so so perfect. 


Whether you need this coat to explore the world  OR  have that classy appeal in your wardrobe. It’s a Winter Must-Have! Have fun shopping love bugs! Toodles.


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