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The Latest & Hottest

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Heeeeey There Babes.

I’m back and like I promise I will be. I miss you guys! Not a day goes by that doesn’t cross my mind coming behind the screen of my laptop, and just spilling my thoughts out about all the pieces I’ve been so so excited about. It’s May and I haven’t put on NOT EVEN ONE bathing suit. AM I JUST WORKING WAY TOO MUCH OR NOT HAVING A LIFE?! Pls tell me, hehehe. Today is the day, the day I just want to be here. I want to be here and let you guys in on what’s on my mind this season..


mid- rise shorts

May be known as “Bermuda shorts” “thigh shorts” what ever it’s called, it’s catching vibes right?!! The dressy ones are my favorite, it sets the class in classy.. or at least in Serendipivi’s book.

Satin skirts

I love this piece so much! It’s 2019 and these skirts can be paired with a crop loose sweater, crop tops, or even a button up tied at the waist. It’s ironic that we are wearing skirts with chunky tennis shoes right. MAJOR HOTNESS.

Clear heels

My latest obsessions. I just love how it blends so well with any outfit, any color. The sass in sassy when you put on these heels.

the slip dress

The style that came back so heavily. I’ve fallen for this duo soooo much. The dresses come in about any color that is suitable for any event. If you feel like dressing up or if it’s an occasion. It’s PERFECT.

linen wear

The comfy wear we look forward to every Summer. The pinny belt details, I AM SO OBSESSED. This trend caught my eye instantly. IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE.

I’m back like I never left. Summer 19’HELLO. I’m so happy you guys made it back today, see you sunshines again soon!

Signature Piece

Signature Piece