Summer Things..

Summer Things..


Welcome back sunshines..

This week, let me talk about all the little things that make a girl obsessive over these hot, sunny days. The accessories that we dive for at the last minute for our vacays. The pearl hair clips and obnoxious sunglasses that make us sassy as ever, hehe. I can’t tell you guys how much I loveeeee blending in accessories. The addiction is ridiculous and I can’t stop myself from buying more as new trends come around. It’s inexpensive and just complete our attire so perfectly. Next to accessories, the list goes on… to swimsuits and how can we forget the best self tanner out there!! hehe Can we all agree being a girl is nothing close to easy?!


The evolution of sunnies seem to evolve as we speak right?! I am a by stander of loving these obnoxious duos, if it’s leopard print frame, I’M ALL OVER IT. Sunnies are everything, especially when hiding a bare face underneath! These are a few of my favorite inexpensive sunglasses that will fit perfectly for any pool parties. *wink


A smile is the single. most. priceless. thing a girl can wear. Next to that, THAT BAG is the accessory we all need. When going on a day trip out and about or spending a weekend in LA LA land on the beach. These babies sets the mood for your vacay. #OBSESSED

Swim suits

The summer bod. What’s the key?! Which bikini compliments you the most?! It’s a given, we all are different shapes and sizes. I’m a lover of high waist related to God’s gift to me….. THIGHS, embrace the blessing right?! I shop ALL OVER for bathing suits, some of my favorite places: ASOS, F21, Zara, Top Shop, Missguided, and Lulus.

Hair Clips

The latest hair accessory that is LITERALLY SO ADORABLE. The pearls set can be worn as one, pairs, or triplets. The attention it give to every babe! heart eyes*


Can we all agree on the fact that all these sandals ARE SO CHIC?!! I can’t even tell you which one is my favorite because I love every single one. Literally, the perfect sets of neutrals.


Wear it as a headband OR use it as a classy scarf. I loveeeee the extra pop it gives your outfit. The colors and patterns on satin….. Do I really need to say more?!! *major heart eyes

Self Tanners

Babes, let’s stay CANCER-FREE.

Per usual routine for me to go get spray tans for vacay, but I love using self tanner for a quick tan! If it’s for a staycation or Sunday funday. It’s a super easy maintenance for that natural tan and the mousse quality leave you streak free! Don’t forget the mitten, total necessity.

Summer just won’t be the same without all these things.

Let our tan be darker, hair gets lighter, smiles get bigger, and hearts stay forever grateful! I love you all for coming by today!



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