Hello Beauties,

It’s been such a cloudy and rainy week here in SETX. It’s nice to see the sun finally shining today! I’m spending the day taking my dad to his doctor appointment, my most stubborn patient hands down. I’m sitting down in the waiting room while dad is having a minor procedure… to fulfill my thoughts on today’s blog…

As much as we all wish we live a polish lifestyle 24/7…. The truth is no one’s life is perfect. We all go through obstacles in life that allows us to grow, to be strong, when strong is the only choice. The different things and events that not only change us, but allow us to feel grateful after living through each struggles. I can say til this day, my struggles define who I am as a person. The imperfections of life whether it’s conquering school, motherhood, heart breaks or simply being human. I can honestly sit here and verbatim say these words….

Life is truly what you make it…


I believe in those words night and day. The difference between saying and doing is 2 different things right?! When it’s time to cry, cry it out. When it’s time to vent, let it all out. Every day is a choice, a choice to fulfill your goals, fix your problems, or even mend things, and move forward with your life.

Start each day with a grateful heart.

Read positive insights.

Set goals, little by little.

Remove negative thoughts and people.

Realize every day is a new day.

For anyone who is reading this and needed to hear this…. The person next to you could be fighting a battle, fighting for their life. When you’re healthy, young, and still have the capability to do what ever it is you want, do it with all your heart. Life is pure bliss when you conquer the challenging obstacles that make you wiser and stronger for the next battle. I am writing this today to tell you sis, breathe it will be okay…

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine..

Summer Things..

Summer Things..